Friday, April 8, 2011

Featured Artist: Chris Zahner

Meet Chris Zahner (aka November Studios) from Boston, Massachusetts. Not only is he a terrific artist, he has wonderful taste in others' work (so make sure you check out some of his favorites). “Since I was a kid I've been painfully shy, so I looked for other ways to express myself. My parents always encouraged my brother and I to find something we loved and do it to the best of our abilities, so I decided to draw. Making drawings didn't necessarily come really easily for me, but I enjoyed the challenge and decided to stick with it. An activity that requires solitude is perfect for an introvert.”

Kathy by Chris Zahner
Chris currently only sells his wonderful art on Etsy, though the exposure Etsy has given him has led a few galleries to contact him about showing his work! “I also run a blog called The Flopslump which highlights artists, designers and occasionally architects that I deem interesting. Too many blogs remind me of watching someone’s vacation slides, but not this one. Although the blog isn’t directly about myself and my work I would argue that it’s about me in the sense that it’s an exploration of my tastes.”

Rick by Chris Zahner
Chris’ favorite medium is paper. “My works revolves around my love of paper. From the old paper that I use in collages to beautiful printmaking paper I draw on, everything starts with paper. Paper allows me the flexibility to cut it, paint it, add to it, layer it, sand it and whatever else I decide.  Most of my pieces begin with a grid-like collage. A blank sheet of white paper has always intimidated me, so the collages give me something to react to. An unsuccessful drawing can always be collaged over with new paper. It gives me a degree of freedom when I make work because I never fear screwing up.”
I-wonder by Chris Zahner
Chris finds his inspiration from the “unlikely hero.” “It's a celebration of outsiders, nerds, the socially awkward and the beauty found in those people. Much of the work is soaked in nostalgia because it provides me with an opportunity to reinvent these people's lives. I choose my subjects from old yearbooks and discarded family photos turning bookworms into stars and the meek into bad-asses. I’m able to retroactively change the perception of my subjects.”
Star by Chris Zahner
In addition to being an artist himself, Chris is also a collector. He owns pieces from Paul Yanko, Jason Byers, Derek Hess, Todd Leech, Kathy King, and Dana Depew.

Stewart by Chris Zahner
Finally, Chris shares a strange bit about himself. “I was looking through my music today and realized the Cannibal Corpse albums are followed the Cat Power albums when viewed alphabetically. That range in taste made me think there was something weird about me.”

Weird? Maybe… Wonderful? Definitely.

Donut by Chris Zahner
Make sure you check Chris out… and buy something while you’re at it!


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