Thursday, March 24, 2011

Featured Artist: Tim Hooper

Meet Tim Hooper of from Nashville, Tennessee. "When I was a child I thought people lived inside the radio where they played music, read the news, and made commercials. When I was six I broke my sister's transistor radio open to see the people who lived inside. I was disappointed to find only tiny transistors and a circuit board. But I was not nearly as disappointed as my sister when she saw what was left of her radio."

William Howard Taft by Tim Hooper
Tim has been creating art since he was a child and has been a self-employed artist since 2001. "I paint with acrylic more than anything else...I actually like to draw with ink more than anything, but I rarely do those any more...Most of my ink drawings never see the light of day. I usually do them for my own enjoyment and give them to my wife."
Pipe Smoking Bear by Tim Hooper

"Since 1997 I have been known as Mr. Hooper. It started as a joke when I was in college, but it became a pseudonym or sorts over time. Years ago when I did comix and graffiti I used different pseudonyms, but this one has stuck with me the longest. Probably because it is my name."
Return to Monchichi Village by Tim Hooper

Mr. Hooper sells through his website as well as on Etsy, has shown in several galleries in the U.S. and abroad, and he travels and sells in art fairs. He lists his favorite artists as Robert Crumb, Howard Finster, The Clayton Brothers, Joe Coleman, Mark Ryden, and Pablo Picasso, and finds inspiration in B-movies, bad sci-fi, memories, old photos, historical figures, dreams, and everyday life.
Andy Kaufman with an Eightball by Tim Hooper

Make sure you check Tim, aka Mr. Hooper out. Great stuff!
Mr. Hooper Pop Surrealist Art on Etsy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

R.I.P. Jackie the Jokefrog

Jackie the Jokefrog 2009-2011
The namesake for this blog, my website, and paintings has died. Jackie the Jokefrog died today after about a 10-day illness. =(

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Featured Artist: J. Spencer Shull

Meet J. Spencer Shull from Columbia, South Carolina. “It's the capital of South Carolina, but the arts community is not really up to par. (We) would love to move to a bigger city with more innovative thinkers.” He and his wife Kelly run an art collective named Jellykoe.
Garden by J. Spencer Shull
“For the most part, I am a self taught artist. The majority of my work falls under the umbrella of pop surrealism and lowbrow. Some of my creations have been turned into creepy/cute plush creatures thanks to my talented wife Kelly.” Spencer has been creating art for many years but only recently became serious about selling and perfecting his style. “I am 29 years old, and the older I get, the more I've stopped caring about what other people think….I'm glad my paintings have been so well received, but at the end of the day, I'm glad that when I look at them, they make me happy too.”
The Studious Homunculus by J. Spencer Shull
Spencer paints on a variety of materials: wood, antique books, bottles, cigar boxes, and more. “I like the idea of turning something that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill into a work of art that someone can hang in their home and cherish.”

Where Pies Go To Die by J. Spencer Shull
Spencer sells his work at various art festivals around the United States, has his first gallery show coming up in April, and sells online at He lists his favorite artists as Mark Ryden, Edward Gorey, Gary Baseman, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali. “Our walls are currently adorned with work by Jason Levesque, Deona Fish, Gus Fink, and Chris Hamer. We also have a ton of Mark Ryden in almost every room…I have a picture of Andy Warhol with a quote reading ‘Art is what you can get away with.’ I find so much truth in that.”
Mooseboy by J. Spencer Shull
Spencer says he’s a “perfectionist to a fault,” and that he “will sketch out an idea four or five times. I want all the shapes and colors to fill the space just right…I draw inspiration from a lot of social issues and stereotypes. I also like to imagine things that I've never seen but would like to see. I try to blend child-like naivety with harsh reality and adult concepts. I love dark humor and a lot of it creeps its way into my work.”

Yum by J. Spencer Shull
Make sure you check Spencer out:
as well as on DeviantArt, where I first found him

Friday, March 4, 2011

Featured Artist: Leif Erik Johansen

Meet Leif (Erik) Johansen from Asheville, Nortrh Carolina. Erik is a self-taught artist who enjoys experimenting with a variety of materials. "I like to take a playful and unpretentious approach to my art. I chose to paint because it's a way for me to express myself in a way that is not easily put into words."

Happy Couple by Leif Eric Johansen

Erik has been painting since he was a child and says, “I have a proclivity towards twisted abstract characters, but as I continue to experiment and learn new, invariably I come up with new ideas and new styles which I hope gives me depth and diversity as an artist. Furthermore, I have never wanted to ‘typecast’ or ‘pigeonhole’ myself as a particular type of artist...I like to leave room for growth and learning.”
Link by Leif Erik Johansen

You can find Erik’s work in various places, such as his website and Terra Bistro Restaurant in Vail, Colorado. He’s working on a solo show at Hollingsworth Gallery in Palm Coast, Florida, as well as displaying his art at Zambra Restaurant in Asheville. 

The Secret by Leif Erik Johansen
Erik lists his favorite artists as Picasso, Miro, Jesse Reno, Erik Otto, and Blaine Fontana. He considers commissions, so be sure to contact him.
The Conformists by Leif Erik Johansen

Check out Erik:
EleMentalStudios on Etsy