Thursday, March 24, 2011

Featured Artist: Tim Hooper

Meet Tim Hooper of from Nashville, Tennessee. "When I was a child I thought people lived inside the radio where they played music, read the news, and made commercials. When I was six I broke my sister's transistor radio open to see the people who lived inside. I was disappointed to find only tiny transistors and a circuit board. But I was not nearly as disappointed as my sister when she saw what was left of her radio."

William Howard Taft by Tim Hooper
Tim has been creating art since he was a child and has been a self-employed artist since 2001. "I paint with acrylic more than anything else...I actually like to draw with ink more than anything, but I rarely do those any more...Most of my ink drawings never see the light of day. I usually do them for my own enjoyment and give them to my wife."
Pipe Smoking Bear by Tim Hooper

"Since 1997 I have been known as Mr. Hooper. It started as a joke when I was in college, but it became a pseudonym or sorts over time. Years ago when I did comix and graffiti I used different pseudonyms, but this one has stuck with me the longest. Probably because it is my name."
Return to Monchichi Village by Tim Hooper

Mr. Hooper sells through his website as well as on Etsy, has shown in several galleries in the U.S. and abroad, and he travels and sells in art fairs. He lists his favorite artists as Robert Crumb, Howard Finster, The Clayton Brothers, Joe Coleman, Mark Ryden, and Pablo Picasso, and finds inspiration in B-movies, bad sci-fi, memories, old photos, historical figures, dreams, and everyday life.
Andy Kaufman with an Eightball by Tim Hooper

Make sure you check Tim, aka Mr. Hooper out. Great stuff!
Mr. Hooper Pop Surrealist Art on Etsy

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