Saturday, April 16, 2011

Featured Artist: Sarah Felker

Meet Sarah Felker from Oak Park, Illinois. "I grew up about an hour from here, in Highland, Indiana, and got my BFA degree in painting from Ball State University. Currently I work at a stained glass studio, creating new custom architectural stained glass, or restoring/repairing damaged stained glass...Part of me has always wanted to be an artist, other times, I wanted to do something medical like be a doctor. I distinctly remember making watercolor paintings as a kid, inspired by the 'Mickey Mousecapades' video game on Nintendo, and wanting to do that for a living."
beats/waves by Sarah Felker
Sarah's favorite medium is oil paint, but also enjoys working with watercolors and enameling on copper. "I also like to make functional things to use around the house, like my own throw pillows, curtains, a slipcase for a set of books, bookbinding, etc."
Abstract Self-Portrait in Watercolor by Sarah Felker
Sarah sells her art on Etsy, but notes that her job "leaves me with little physical and creative energy at the end of the day...Basically, if I didn't work so much I'd love to be able to spend more time creating art."
Horse by Sarah Felker
"My absolute favorite artist is Jenny Saville. I love how her portraits look like controlled messes, how the paint seems to be applied carelessly but you know it was planned, or else it wouldn't look so awesome. My detour in the stained glass world turned me on to Judith Schaechter, who does more narrative stained glass pieces than people are used to seeing. She includes very lush, fully rendered scenes, and incorporates amazing patterns and layers. I also really admire Odd Nerdrum's combination of truly masterful, traditional painting with sometimes totally bizarre subject matter."
Creepshow by Sarah Felker
"...I love weird stuff! Weird music, weird art, weird people, things with a dark edge to them - I don't like the mainstream stuff so much." Sarah finds her inspiration in numerous places, " looking at a portrait that is well-painted, or an energetic abstract painting. My interests are in studying faces, how shadows define noses, cheekbones, eyes etc. I also like to figure out how relatives look similar, how age affects people's features. I think inspiration can be drawn from a creative environment too, like in college."
Bubbles & Atmosphere by Sarah Felker
Make sure you check Sarah out. You won't be disappointed!
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