Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Featured Artist: Sean Andress

Downtown by Sean Andress
Meet Sean Andress (1777 Publishing) from Redlands, California. Sean has been creating art for about 15 years. "I do have a degree in studio art, but getting that was a waste of time. I learned more about art and art making outside of the classroom. Today, my artistic output consists of mostly individual ink illustrations and highly bizarre and surreal comic book work that can be found in my book Moral Geometry."

Billy by Sean Andress
Sean lists his favorite mediums as pencil, India ink, and acrylic paint, "Whatever I have lying around," and he sells his art on Etsy and Ebay.
Mr. Cheeks by Sean Andress
No More Truth by Sean Andress
Some of his favorite artists include Van Gogh, Francis Bacon, Richard Sala, Jack Kirby, Dave Stevens, John R. Neill, Clive Barker, and more. "I love collecting art. I have many original comic pages and illustrations from Richard Sala on my walls...His work is very atmospheric, creepy, funny, charming and 100% unique to him. I also have work from Bruce Timm, James O'Barr, Jon Wayshak, and Dan Brereton hanging about."

Sean's inspiration "is simply living life." This would include daydreaming, other art, music, movies, as well "playing the 'what if ' game inside my head and then transferring those results onto paper."

Finally, Sean shares a bit more about himself. "While I'm doing mundane things, like washing the dishes, I like to sing songs, be it classic feel good songs, TV jingles or cheesy heavy metal songs, and replace the lyrics with my own highly perverse words." And I thought I was alone.

Make sure you check Sean out... he has some amazing stuff!

and his Blog

The Chamber by Sean Andress

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