Saturday, May 14, 2011

Featured Artist: Joe Havasy

Meet Joe Havasy from Athens, Georgia. "I studied art at the University of Georgia and enjoyed the town so I stayed here."
Penguinaut by Joe Havasy
"I love drawing in pencil but also like inking and using acrylic paint. I've started to get back into watercolor also..." Joe has been creating art since he was a child. "At a very young age I was encouraged that I had a different viewpoint when I drew a bird flying straight out of the paper."
Hot Doggles by Joe Havasy

Joe has two Etsy shops, his main shop Cutesturbing and an adult-oriented shop called Funparts, and has sold his art in local restaurants as well as gallery shows.
Octo-Nom by Joe Havasy
"I find inspiration in lots of my memories from childhood, mainly from reading encyclopedias and looking at nature documentaries. Mostly I just scour the internet for images. I like blogs like, creep machine, omg posters and / I read Juxtapoz sometimes too. Video games are a big inspiration of mine also like Mega Man, Mario, Street Fighter, and Zelda. I listen to tons of music while I work too. Lately it's been Metric, the Shins, Elliot Smith, Caravan Palace, Of Montreal, the new Devo album, and old Bollywood soundtracks."
Kiddy Pool Calamari?! OH NO! by Joe Havasy
"I have work by Mike Groves (darker cartoon work and pop culture), Rizzie Gallego (she does complex print related work with shrinky dinks), Matt Blanks (extremely intricate cartoon paintings), Charlie Owens (really awesome girl drawings), and Chris Hamer (Monsters!). I also collect prints through companies like Tiny Showcase and Nakatomi. WOWCH makes really cool limited edition tee-shirts too." He also has a tumblr account where he posts art that he likes.
North vs. South by Joe Havasy
Be sure to check Joe's amazing art out!
and Funparts

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