Monday, June 6, 2011

Featured Artist: Charlie Alan Kraft

"Weaved into the fabric of time itself and born in the shadows Charlie Alan Kraft has become the scourge of the creative industry. His birth moved mountains but his artwork has fueled wars, toppled communism, brought equality into the workforce for women, clothed the poor, fed the hungry, empowered minorities and single handedly brought an end to the cold war."

So let's meet Charlie Alan Kraft from Portland, Oregon. Charlie has been creating art for 17 years and says, "I've been painting for so long I just paint. Some people watch football or hang out at bars and coffee shops or work in the garden or all kinds of other things. I just paint... It simply comes out of me all the time and new ideas pop out from time to time so my work is constantly changing."

"I don't purchase or own any art. I like art but I don't put it on my walls or buy it. I prefer everything in my house to be empty allowing me to create something as original as possible. Artists that I like..? unpopular unknown ones... Artists that you find by accident that you will never read about."

"Art is and has never been about what you do or how well you do it, like every other industry it is about who you know... There are so many good artists out there it's often sickening but the majority of them will get washed under the fabric of popularity because they do not know the right people."

Make sure you check out Charlie's artwork:
at Etsy
his website
and YouTube.

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