Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two of my Ebay auctions were closed for "violent materials." Wait... what?!

Lately, I've switched from creating my own characters to painting people I've seen in pop culture. This includes Kelly Osbourne, two wackos from the horrible (yet entertaining) Teen Mom, as well as members of the Casey Anthony trial (which I'm addicted to - I'm several days behind, but I'm watching every moment of it).

Today, after waking up from a much needed nap, I went to check my current Ebay auctions only to find that Ebay removed the two paintings (and I'm working on several more) I did from the Casey Anthony trial: Casey herself and the judge in the case Belvin Perry, Jr. 

Did you know you can buy a photography of Ted Bundy, one of the best known serial killers of all time, on Ebay? That is apparently not "Violent Materials."

My paintings are not glorifying hatred, murder, or anything else... they are simply paintings of what I've seen while watching the trial. In fact, as many of my paintings do, they poke a bit of fun at something about each of them. For those of you not watching the trial, one day Casey showed up to court with half of her eyebrows completely plucked out... I knew I had to capture that. Judge Belvin Perry has this strange headrest attached to his chair. My painting has that... and nobody will know WTF it is unless they're watching.

Anyway... I'm not meaning to offend anyone. I just try to poke a little fun at things I see.

The paintings have been moved to Etsy:
Judge Belvin Perry
Casey Anthony

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