Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Featured Artist: Sebastien Millon

Meet Sebastien Millon, our third featured artist. Sebastien hails from Phoenix, Arizona, though he considers himself a "child of the world," since his French family moved from place to place when he was a child.
Mr. Woodpecker by Sebastien Millon
Sebastian has an Etsy shop and sells locally in Phoenix in such shops as Made Art Boutique, Red Hot Robot, Acme Prints, La Grande Orange, and Revolver Records. He's been drawing since he was a child, starting with an early pet German shepherd inspiration, but truly took to art as an adult.

Owlie's Present by Sebastien Millon

"I've always loved pencil drawings. In painting, it is easier for the artist to hide their hand, but in a pencil drawing, there is a nakedness, you can more easily perceive the artist's line and method. Some of my favorite art pieces are artists' sketches of studio models, usually pencil, pen or ink work." Sebastien lists some of his favorite artists as Joan Miro, Otto Dix, Ivan Albright, Josh Keyes, Maurice Sendak, Miroslav Sasek, Luke Chueh, Esao Andrews, Jan van Eyck, Charles Addams, and Bill Watterson.
Truck Drivin' Bunny by Sebastien Millon

In Sebastien's home, other than his own brilliant work, he features Josh Keyes and Esao Andrews. "Keyes' work has an environmentalist bent to it, his imagery is gorgeous and almost always features animals. Esao Andrews' pieces are lovely as well, he is a fantastic painter; I love the way he paints human flesh. His imagery is usually dark and has a sinister feel to it." YES!
Drawing Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunnies by Sebastien Millon

Make sure you check out Sebastien's Etsy shop... it's not to be missed!

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