Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selling venues

I'm curious what my readers, the few I have, use as selling venues.

I use Etsy (though once the listings expire, I will likely not use the site anymore - too many pointless changes are making it not the place I want to sell), Artfire (not sure about this one yet - I have the free account to try it out... have had a few views, but not a ton), Zibbet (just signed up tonight... no clue yet), ArtBreak (no sales, few views... but an interesting website) and Ebay (where I've sold a decent amount, but have also had a dozen or so non-paying bidders - which is really annoying).

Where've you had luck?


  1. Personally i havent even opened my etsy shop but i keep reading such negativity i gotta admit its a little off putting. BUT I figure i will give it a shot anyway and make up my mind how i like it. keep us posted on ur artfire opinion.. i think i'll handle one thing at a time as a newbie :(

  2. with etsy you get what you give, meaning if you don't put alot into it you are not going to get much out of it. be prepared to read alot at first, follow what they tell you, and join a few teams to help get your name out. etsy can be a good thing if you apply yourself.

  3. Etsy has been good for me, but it took a long while for my shop to get rolling. No matter where you decide to sell you just have to keep at it and get your name out there wherever you can! Good luck!