Thursday, May 19, 2011

Featured Artist: A.L. Burke

Meet A.L. Burke. "I'm from the sticks of Southwest Virginia. I currently live in Johnson City, Tennessee where I go to school (majoring in English) and make art whenever I can."
Hey Blue Eyes by A.L. Burke
"I’ve been drawing pretty much forever, but didn’t really start working at it until I was in high school. I started painting in 2008." A.L. says she loves acrylic paint and pens, and that she used to be terrified of spiders. " I started painting them as a way of facing that fear, and I‘ve since become pretty obsessed with them."
Itsy Bitsy by A.L. Burke
A.L. opened her Etsy shop in 2010 and also takes commissions. You can contact her at if you're interested.

A Dusty Old Gentleman by A.L. Burke
"I draw inspiration from pretty much everything, really. Usual suspects are ghost stories, dreams, David Lynch, nature, history, death lore, horror movies, phobias and creepy-crawlies."
No. 9 by A.L. Burke
"I have prints (and a pair of fantastic custom shoes) by LolitaAgogo, who is an amazing artist and friend. I also have a couple of collages by Dave Mahan, and some drawings by Ross Campbell, one of my favorite comic book artists"
Lovely as a Tree by A.L. Burke
Thank you to A.L. Burke for sharing a bit of herself with us! I certainly hope you'll check her out:
Worms Worms Worms (Etsy)
A Quietly Noisy Relaxed Intensity (art blog)
and Artwork by A.L. Burke

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